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"Julie is a fantastic instructor. She brings energy and a fun, challenging approach to all of her classes. The attention offered to each student is specific to the individual with her adjusting routines to help address areas for improvement. After your first class with Julie, you will recognize how much she cares for her students and how much she wants them to be successful." - John

"Practicing Pilate's with Julie has dramatically improved my overall sense of self. I literally and figuratively stand taller, breathe easier, feel and look stronger since working with her. Pilate's can sometimes be confusing when first learning the movements because so much of it is internal work, however Julie has a particularly great knack for breaking it all down in a digestible way. She has offered me unending support while I break through what I once saw as personal limitations, but now, with her encouragement and positive attitude, see as exciting new challenges to tackle." - Janet

"With her clear and encouraging instruction and great sense of humor, Julie will challenge you and help you get stronger and fitter while having fun. I feel lucky to have her as my Pilates instructor." - Debbie

"I moved to Brooklyn almost 3 years ago, leaving behind a fabulous Pilates teacher with whom I had studied for about 10 years.  I wondered at the time how I could possibly replace him? The answer is Julie Olival.
As a senior, I am very motivated to maintain strength.  At 73, I also have a constant need to address various aches and pains.  Julie addresses my challenges as she adjusts the exercise plan to fit my needs.  She has an ever-changing repertoire of exercises so that no class becomes boring or routine. Her dance background is such an asset as she really knows the body and adjusts mine judiciously to avoid injury.
I have taken Pilates from a number of teachers over the past 17 years. Julie is clearly at the top of that list." - Diana

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